Exercise vs. Diet: The Truth About Weight Loss

Everyone wants to lose weight and struggles to look healthy and fit. But that is not always the case. Just think to yourself, how many times you have made a resolution to start following a fitness regime and how many times you fought with yourself to stick with it? How many times you thought of making it your daily routine to do exercise or to follow a diet but always have thrown those thoughts in the Dustbin because your mind never allows you to stick to a plan and you end up feasting on the most delicious and most heavy snack that add inches to your waistline in the blink of an eye and at that time you have the food craving just like zombies who could not resist themselves from eating the humans brain out.

Diet versus Exercise for weight loss

We all know the basic calorie maths i.e. If number of calories you burn is equal to the calories you consumed, your weight remains the same but if you burn more than you consume and do it regularly, you will be able to see a difference in your body. That does not mean you have to stop eating everything altogether, it’s just that if you are only concentrated on losing weight via exercise alone that is a bit difficult.


Exercise and diets go hand in hand. If you eat less than 300 calories a day and let go of the exercise, you are likely to deficit your body from essential minerals and vitamins. Same goes with the exercising part i.e. How will you be able to lose weight subsequently just by exercise, if you are consuming 5000 calories a day?

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There is no way you will be able to shed those calories in a day to avoid them from sticking to your body and that unhealthy habit leads to weight gain and people blame on their fitness regime for not helping them. Lets just say that a proper diet will help you to lose weight and it will provide you all the health benefits and exercise will give you the much wanted bone and muscle strength along with loads of confidence.


Consuming lesser calories is the best option to kick start your weight loss machine. Follow three guiding principles that will help you to achieve this. First, Consume plant based diets that includes fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts etc along with healthy fats like those in olive oil. Second, limit the consumption of processed foods like carbohydrates, frozen meals, white breads etc.

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And third, reduce your salt and sugar intake, it may be hard at first but try by cutting off small amounts instead of cutting all at once. If you stick to these 3 principles, you are likely to consume upto 400 calories a day and the fibre rich foods will help you to stay full thereby reducing the urge of eating more. Combine this with an hour or two of cardio and strength training and you will be able to achieve the healthy body that you have been desiring since you could remember.

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So, to conclude, it should never be exercise vs diet, 80% of dieting and 20% of exercising is the mantra that must be followed and it should always be a combination of both that will not only help you to lose weight and keeping it off from crawling back but will give you the long lost confidence that forced you to crawl in the dark corner of the world where no one have been able to hear you from a long time.