Foods To Avoid At All Costs, If You Want To Lose Weight


Certain foods are unhealthy by all means, but once in a while it’s okay to treat your taste buds with their savoury touch. However, if you are in a process of losing weight these foods are not plain unhealthy, they are just poison. You should avoid them at all costs. Listed down are foods that you should keep a safe distance from, if you really want to shed the extra amount of flesh on your body and stay fit-

Whole milk

whole milk

Whole milk and its dairy products can make it easy for you to gain weight. But when your goal is just the opposite of this, skip this extra fat. Our body though requires moderate amount of dairy products, but a diet plan for weight loss program should include to a better low-fat milk option only.

Stick Margarine


Remove the item from your grocery list, throw away any amount kept in the kitchen. Stick margarine is way too bad for your health, especially when trying to lose weight. This food product is made of hydrogenated vegetable oils and so a store house of trans fat. It can dramatically increase your cholesterol levels and thus make you prone to heart risks.

Packaged Sandwiches

packed sandwich

Sandwiches are not an unhealthy food, however packaged sandwiches all most all the times are. These are loaded with high calories, containing taste enhancing sauces, mayonnaise, cheese etc. and so are a store house of saturated fats.



One can of soda and you’ve already taken in almost 2/3 part of more sugar than you should be in a day. This sugar is all empty calories added to your body, with no health benefit none at all. If you are on a special weight loss program, you sure would be asked to stay away from this dangerous fizz.

Multigrain products

multigrain bread

Again, food that is otherwise healthy may turn into a monstrous item jeopardising all your weight loss efforts. This is because the multigrain breads or pastas that we available in the market, may contain refined grains in major proportions. Studies have shown that people consuming multigrain products are more prone to weight gain than those having wholegrain items.

Bucket Popcorn (in movie theatre)

theatre popcorn

Had to specify the theatre bit, because you’ll be alarmed to know the amount of calories they feed you. With excessive quantities of coconut oil, believe it or not, a medium size tub can have whooping 1200 calories. And then, the added caramel flavor and butter. Need add those killers of the slim waist.

So while choosing a weight loss program, remember the process requires determination and persistence, a strong will and focus. One wrong indulgence can ruin all your sincere efforts so far. Make sure you don’t let that happen. Just like to gain something we need to lose something, at times to lose (weight) we need to lose (some tasty food items) too. Subscribe to an Indian diet plan for weight loss, and stick to the dietary restrictions for once to see the wonderful fruits that it would reap.