Fuel Up Yourself with Healthy Pre Run Meals!

Fueling yours

elf before running helps minimize fatigue and boosts up stamina. It is important to have food before and after running. Exercising needs a proper diet. Therefore, It is important to have some knowledge of pre-run meals for effective results.

Here is a complete guide for a pre-run diet 

2 Hours Before Running

2 Hours Before Running |pre-run meals

Have a diet that contains protein, carbs, and healthy fats. You can have-

Whole wheat pasta with veggies

Oatmeal with nuts and fruitsPeanut butter

Veggie omelet with toast

Milk shake

Avoid eating fibrous veggies that are hard to digest like beans, broccoli, etc.

1 Hour Before

1 Hour Before |pre-run meals

Consume foods with little protein like-

Banana and carrots


Whole grain crackers

Avoid having apples, melons, and pears

10-30 Minutes Before

10-30 Minutes Before | pre-run meals

Your meal should include proteins and high-saturated fats including-

Fried foods


Energy Bar

Along with a healthy diet, keep your body hydrated. Before 2 hours of running, drink 2 glasses of water. A workout is important for a fit and healthy body. Not only running aims to shed your kilos but also keeps you energetic throughout the day.

After running, relax for 10-15 minutes. Then drink water and have light meals like oats and cereals. Make sure you complete your running before three hours of your mealtime. For instance, if you run during the evening, then you should complete it with the diet intake at 6 PM, if your dinner time is 9. Following such schedule daily strengthens your immune system and keeps your body active every day.

Maintaining an accurate sports nutrition diet plan for meeting fitness goals is important for both athletes and fitness freaks.

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