Prominent Reasons Which are Responsible for Obesity in Our Country

There are several causes of obesity as it is the major health concern which is responsible for the inappropriate weight gain and is a storehouse of various chronic diseases such as hypertension, elevation of bad cholesterol levels, diabetes and depression. Unexplained weight gain can be caused by several reasons related to change in daily routine and stressed lifestyle. Obesity is the primary cause of unhealthy eating and environmental habits. It plays as a silent killer for your body. It is the alarming cause of cardiovascular and kidney diseases. There are numerous reasons which causes obesity such as follows:

1.Stress and hypertension

Stress and hypertension | causes of obesity

Work related stress and other related activities can leads to obesity or unwanted weight gain. Stress is the primitive factor which is responsible for overall lifestyle disturbance and hormonal dysfunction. Stress causes unhealthy eating habits and makes metabolism lethargic and slow. Stress and hypertension are also responsible for the improper blood circulation and inadequate oxygen transfer in the body. Stress is also responsible for mood swings and several body ailments.

2.Improper sleep cycle

Improper sleep cycle | causes of obesity

Proper sleep cycle plays an important role in maintaining the overall health. It is recommended to take 7 to 8 hours of proper and sound sleep as it helps in regulating the stress levels and metabolism. Irregular or inappropriate metabolism can cause obesity and hormonal disorder. Improper metabolism is responsible for improper menstruation stress and dysfunction of thyroid which is responsible for the extreme weight gain or loss. These factors are the key reasons which are caused due to lack of sleep and rapid weight gain. The overall well being is totally dependant on the proper sleep cycle.

3.Lack of physical activities and inactive lifestyle

Lack of physical activities | causes of obesity

Inactive and lazy lifestyle is also responsible for the excess weight gain. Physical activities are required to burn fats and it also helps in eliminating the accumulation of fat in the body. Using gadgets for long hours can make your physical activity low which automatically resulted in the excessive weight gain and amalgamation of fat in the body which leads to stress and other factors.

4.Unhealthy food habits and choices

unhealthy food

Inadequate nutrition and unhealthy food habits can cause obesity. The processed and junk food is responsible for the weight gain and low nutritional values. Wrong food habits leads to inappropriate weight gain. In some cases it is difficult to reduce the obesity weight gain.

5.Parenting approach and related problem

obese children | causes of obesity

Parents are also responsible for excess weight gain in child due to many reasons. Many parents think that feeding excess to their child can make them healthy but that’s completely a myth and there is a difference between being healthy and obese. Children should be given proper and balanced diet. Moreover, they should involved in physical activities. Parents need to understand the margin between the healthy weight and alarming obesity weight.

There are a numerous reasons which are the main causes of obesity in children. Now a days, the problem is increasing fast due to the unhealthy lifestyle and inappropriate eating habits.