7 Effective Home Remedies to Cure Stomach Ache

From time to time, everyone has gone through stomach ache, abdominal pain, sharp pain, or cramps. The reason for such a pain includes constipation, indigestion, food poisoning, and a stomach virus. Well, do you know that all this have a direct link with the food we intake? Yes, a healthy diet plan will promote better digestion of food.
So, now what to do if your stomach pain is intolerable?

Hence, here in this post, we will discuss 7 home remedies for stomach ache to soothe your severe pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar | remedies for stomach ache

Apple cider vinegar is helpful for soothing stomach ache. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of hot water. Also, add one tablespoon of honey in the mixture. This will help in treating indigestion.


cherries | remedies for stomach ache

A crap diet contains cherries, raisins, apricots, and prunes. All these are rich in fiber and help in treating stomach ache. If you have constipation, you can have this CRAP diet to ensure proper digestion of food.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice | remedies for stomach ache

Have a glass of aloe vera juice daily to end all your stomach-related problems. This juice is beneficial for reducing the excess of gas in the stomach, and thus, promotes digestion. Aloe vera juice has many other health benefits as well.


yogurt | remedies for stomach ache

Lactobacillus bacteria present in yogurt and is helpful when you have an upset stomach. You can have a non-fat plain yogurt to alleviate your stomach pain.


Lemon Juice

lemon juice | remedies for stomach ache

Mix lemon with a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water. Drink this mixture to get a relief from bloating. This helps in lowering the acid reflux in the stomach and will cure all your digestion-related problems.


hot bath | remedies for stomach ache

Taking a hot bath or using a hot water bottle may ease the pain. Place the heating pad on your stomach. It will give you a relief from your pain. Also during menstruation, a heating pad will give you a soothing effect to heal menstrual cramps.

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice | remedies for stomach ache

Carrot juice is helpful for getting rid of an upset stomach. For making this juice, boil 5 carrots with 5 cups of water, one tablespoon of dried peppermint. Cook this for around 20 minutes. Once carrots become soft, blend it and have this soup.


So, treat all you digestion-related problems with these best home remedies for stomach ache. Now, if you have any digestion problems then, you must try these home remedies.