Thyroid Problem? Know How to Fight Back

The thyroid gland is bonded for the overall body metabolism, so when the thyroid is a problem it takes over all the body functions. It is said that every 15 in 1000 women and every 1 in 1000 man go through thyroid. Some of the symptom of thyroid includes fatigue, weight gain, low body temperature, hair loss, poor light sensitivity, low body stamina, depression, etc. It is very important to take care of your diet and the medicine schedule once your are diagnosed with thyroid. It is a disorder with once diagnosed stays lifetime. So, a regular checkup and proper medication is really essential. Know how to take a proper care,

Regular check-ups

Regular Check-ups
It is very necessary to monitor your thyroid levels, the reason why you should go for constant thyroid checkups be it a lab testing or a home one. Sometimes when you go for a lab testing the doctor does the blood test and simply relies on it, in such cases, the thyroid dysfunctions are not taken into consideration and often people are left misdiagnosed. So, a home testing is of great significance. You can place the glass basal thermometer beside your bed and check your body temperature each day for 10 minutes in the morning. Monitor the temperature and take necessary precautions.

Drink water

Drink Water Properly
Well, drinking water is the solution to most of the problems and thyroid too is on the list. Drinking distilled water is advised as chlorine, bromine, fluoride level is low and also iodine free, it is the ideal way to balance your thyroid problem. This will take care of your kidney and liver, it will make sure that they are working properly and are cleansed.

Eat selenium, Tyrosine, and Antioxidant rich food

Eat Antioxidant rich food
Food rich in vitamin B says like liver, crab, Brazil nuts are advised to be taken when diagnosed with thyroid. Selenium is the of the enzyme that helps T3 convert into T4. for the intake of Tyrosine, you can take almonds, sesame seeds, oats etc. And all the vegetables are rich in antioxidants so one must consume all the vegetables. Above food will help you get away from the inflammation and also will help build immunity.

Take your medicines daily

Take your Medicines properly
It is really very important to take the medicines regularly for thyroxine to be effective. So do take the pill daily even if you are feeling fine. Because if you miss the medicine even a day you are going to feel the other, the body will start to dysfunction again and you’ll see the symptoms coming back.

And always take a pill with some fluids because if you just take it in your mouth without a fluid it will dissolve in your mouth and not enough of medication will be absorbed into your blood. But remember not to take the medicines with soy milk as it decreases the absorption of thyroxine in blood.

Say no to smoking and drinking

Say No to smoking & drinking
Alcohol is an intoxicant which can suppress the functions of the thyroid. Even tobacco hampers with iodine ration and hormone synthesis. So alcohol and tobacco is a big no for the thyroid patients.

Stay away from sugar and caffeine

Stay away from Sugar and Caffeine
When you have a compromised thyroid gland, high sugar and caffeine will stress out your system. High amount of caffeine is dangerous as it
Alters TSH produced by the pituitary gland, but a lower amount is beneficial as it reduces inflammation.

No consumption of macronutrients

No Consumption of Macronutrients
Low carb diets are for them, who are suffering from thyroid. Nonfat and high trans fat diet is also bad, it may leave a nasty impact on your system. So one should avoid the consumption of macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, fat, protein etc.

No self-medication

No Self Medication
Self-medication is highly dangerous. People nowadays are like observing the symptoms and then they Google it to find the disorder and the medicines as well but the fact is internet is a source of wide information and all the information when read together confuses you and results in something you might not be suffering from. So be a little responsible and sensible to get yourself checked by a doctor.

You will get many ways to take care of yourselves, you will get ample of advice from your friends, relatives, and neighbors but if you seek for more, Online Diet Plans to Manage Thyroid are always available.Take great care of yourself. We wish you a healthy and a happy life.


Thyroid Problems - How to Flight Back