Types of Arthritis, Causes, Symptoms & Some Ways to get Relief Naturally !

If explained in simpler terms, arthritis is not a single disease but a group of degenerative states in which the body joints get inflamed and is hurtful too.

Apart from medication, a healthy diet for arthritis & exercises are considered the best ways to overcome this disease and here in this post we are discussing all about it.

Basically, there are five types of arthritis and this post also includes its symptoms, causes and some ways to relief arthritis naturally.

Here is the whole explanation to the types of arthritis, it’s causes and some ways to cure it !


S.No Types of  Arthritis Symptoms  Causes
1. Osteoarthritis


Stiff joint if not made any movement in a while, swollen and painful joints. Obesity, injury, overuse of the joints (in case the patient is a swimmer or runner), degenerative tissues due to old age.
2. Rheumatoid arthritis


Joint pain which can limit the range of body movements Many environmental condition or certain diet can trigger those genes which can develop rheumatoid arthritis.
3. Fibromyalgia



Arthritis joints pain with no inflammation sleep disorders, mood Flips & brain fog. Any infection/injury in the central nervous system and or reason might be unsure.
4. Psoriatic Arthritis


Arthritis pain with psoriasis,(an itchy and flaking rash), stiff & swollen joints. Genetic Condition
5. Gout Pain & visible swelling in the joints. More protein intake & more production of Uric acid in the body.

Few ways to tackle arthritis naturally !

Have a look !

Lose Your Weight & Exercise More

No doubt, obesity is the main reason for many of the diseases. So, if you are suffering from any type of arthritis then you should keep in check you weight and do more and more exercises.

This is suggested because arthritis ceases your joints movement and can make you immobile for whole your life and not to  mention the pain.

So, regular exercises are really important will indeed increase your mobility, blood circulation and will also help in getting relief from arthritis pain.

Hot or Cold Therapy

Trust us, these hot & Cold therapy can be of real help !

To an arthritis patient, it is suggested to take warm showers in the morning because this will alleviate the joints stiffness. You can also use electric blanket or heating pads during your sleeping hours.

Other treatment is cold treatment majorly used for relieving the pain & swelling in the joints. Cold therapy can be achieved by wrapping a bag of frozen peas packet or gel ice-pack for the relief from pain.


A Chinese medical treatment used since ancient times which involves ailment with the thin long needles inserting in the body parts where pain persists.

It is believed that this therapy is used to treat arthritis pain. For this you just need to find a certified licensed acupuncture centers.

Healthy Diet with Right Fatty Acids

For a healthy diet, you need not to totally cut down on fats, you need to eat healthy & unsaturated fats with omega-3 fatty acids.

Examples of these healthy fats are fish oil and its supplements,

cottage cheese, almonds, walnuts, black currants, etc

Add Turmeric to Dishes

Another easy trick to keep arthritis pain & symptoms at bay is to have turmeric in your dishes. In India, this kitchen spice is well known for its antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. So, you can either have it in your or the dishes you eat.

This will surely help in kicking off arthritis symptoms.

This post includes the types of arthritis, it’s causes and some ways to cure it. And apart from medication, a healthy diet for arthritis & exercises are really important to kick off arthritis .

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