Weight Loss Diet V/S Hyper-acidity: What to Consume and What Not?

Following a weight loss diet often leads to hyper-acidity. This is because the diet plan may consist few highly acidic foods, you are not aware of. So, your weight loss journey could bring enough discomfort to piss you off and you might end up quitting it.

People sensitive to acid producing foods should divert their attention towards foods which are highly acidic in nature. This is because the symptoms of hyper-acidity can cause extreme heart-burn or chest-burn at time. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow a healthy diet for weight loss that includes low acidic foods and it will surely shed your fat away.

Not only due to hyper-acidity, but also due to obesity, the heart-burn occurs. Reason being high pressure on organs due to extra fat for the consumption of acidic food and thus, causing problem in valves of the esophageal.

What should a person do to avoid such issues? It’s simple! Just follow the below-mentioned tips-

Foods Not to Consume to Avoid Hyper-acidity:

  • Firstly, it is important to completely give up alcohol if your are intolerant to acidity. This is due to the fact that being neither acidic nor basic in nature, when digested, alcohol breaks down to form high acids inside the gut.
  • Caffeinated products including coffee, soda, and tea cause bloating in stomach.
  • Consumption of chocolates and citrus fruits in excess also lead to acidity.
  • Intake of cruciferous vegetables should be avoided as they are major reasons for producing gas.
  • Fatty and spicy foods trigger heart-burn.


Foods to Consume for Low Acidic Diet:

  • The best you can consume is buttermilk or coconut milk, since these are alkaline. You can also have herbal drinks and green tea to give a soothing effect to your stomach.
  • You can eat fruits, seeds, whole grains, nuts, and beans in order to get all the essential proteins and minerals with your diet.
  • Lime water is beneficial to deal with any discomfort cause in the stomach.
  • Consume meat and fish in less quantity, no need to cut them from your diet (provided you are a non-vegetarian).
  • Cook your food with healthy oil including olive oil, peanut oil and, coconut oil.
  • Foods rich in fibre like oats, whole grains, and brown rice can be added to your diet plan.

Consume fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and kick out hyper-acidity from your health. Now, we have given you a clear idea of what to add and subtract from you weight loss diet plan. Choose your foods wisely!



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