Bulimia Nervosa – Another Eating Mental Illness

Bulimia Nervosa is another mental sickness in which the sufferer has regular attack (or bouts) of sudden overeating which is followed by guilt and the patient tries to atone it with doing extreme exercise, crash dieting and purging (vomiting deliberately). There are four major symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa:

  • First Symptom: The patient experiences repeated spree of eating in which they feel that they have no control on their eating and they eat more than they normally do.
  • Second Symptom: As said in the beginning after bouts of overeating they start to compensate it with rigorous workouts, severe fasting, over-medicating with laxatives, or just vomiting intentionally.
  • Third Symptom: The person experiences such bouts at least twice a week and regularly for last three months.
  • Fourth Symptom: The patient judge himself/herself overly regarding his/her body weight and shape of the body.
  Anorexia Nervosa is easily identified but Bulimia Nervosa is very hard to detect. The person suffering from Bulimia Nervosa is usually not underweight, but because of embarrassment the patient is good in deceiving the symptoms. The patient in long term suffers from malnutrition which reveals this Psychological Eating Disorder to doctors.

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