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6 Healthy Foods To Avoid

Healthy eating is all the hype now and to most it seems like taking a stroll in a park. Little do they know, its actually more like balancing feet in sand with a layer of mines hiding below! Scary isn’t it? Healthy diet is not scary but the difficulty level of both the things coincide … Continue reading "6 Healthy Foods To Avoid"

5 Things that Please Lord Ganesha

The elephant headed deity, Ganesha is known to be a friendly God. Nah, that doesn’t sound like him rather he is the clubby- chubby God! This divine being is the Lord of wisdom, prosperity and success. He is above all venom and does not curse anyone and is thus popularly called Ganpati, the Lord of … Continue reading "5 Things that Please Lord Ganesha"

8 Reasons to Eat Krishna’s Favorite Makhan

Krishna Janamashtami is round the corner and the celebrations will be at their full swing. Costumes for your baby might be ready, the headband, the dhoti, all set for the photo shoot. Don’t forget the matki full of makhan, after all it is Krishna’s favorite! Among the many tales of Lord Krishna, you might remember … Continue reading "8 Reasons to Eat Krishna’s Favorite Makhan"

8 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight, Despite a Healthy Diet

Many of us have been through a phase where all the efforts (dieting) towards losing weight lead nowhere. You’ve been addicted to eating healthy all the time but still not able to get rid of that excess fat. Ever wondered why? A lot needs to be managed to carve a new you from a baggage … Continue reading "8 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight, Despite a Healthy Diet"

The Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight

The ‘gym freaks’ are the new health Gurus! Many of us turn to the ‘gymies’ in our gang for tips on healthier body. Don’t deny that! These macho’s enlighten you with their workout regimes and are then worshiped by us. Throughout your gym journey, you tend to forget that food plays a role in your … Continue reading "The Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight"

10 Healthy Ways to De-Stress With Food

Stress has become a part and parcel of our life today. With the need to excel in our careers at rocket high speeds we have invited stress to be a regular guest that too with our expense! The long working hours, skipping breakfast, working late nights and over dose of caffeine is taking a toll … Continue reading "10 Healthy Ways to De-Stress With Food"

5 Health Benefits Of Honey

“No bees, no honey: No work, no money”! Honey and money rhyme together, yippee! But this blog isn’t about the poetic relevance of these (fascinating) words. Rather we are focusing on health benefits of honey. Now you must be thinking, why have we dragged money into this? Was it to get your attention (money can … Continue reading "5 Health Benefits Of Honey"

10 Foods that Help Soothe Sore Throats

Whether its rainy season, winters or a mere change of weather; a sore throat can attack you any time. We have all been through that stage where we are unable to even swallow solid foods and have to thrive on a liquid diet. That pain and irritation is enough to turn you into a screeching … Continue reading "10 Foods that Help Soothe Sore Throats"

Bad Food Combinations To Avoid

As per mathematical rule, positive with positive results in positive. You must be thinking why are we renewing your maths fundas! No don’t worry this ain’t a maths class. What we really want to put forward is that this formula does not apply to foods. Which means that not all good foods together make a … Continue reading "Bad Food Combinations To Avoid"

Celeb Detox Diets To Be Avoided

“Detox Diets, the ultimate healthy diets to loose weight fast and in a healthy way.” That is what we hear about these diets, but this is not so! “Detox”, if we break the word, de-tox which means devoid of toxins. These diets aid the process of removal of toxins from your body! In ancient India, … Continue reading "Celeb Detox Diets To Be Avoided"

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