Decoded! Ingredients of a Healthy Life

Healthy eating is not merely a survival necessity, it is significant in surviving happily. For a healthy prosperous life, WHAT you eat takes precedence over HOW MUCH you eat. It is for a simple reason that all food items have a different sort of nutrients and so have their own specific effects on the body. While some foods may suit a specific body kind, it may have an adverse affect on another due to a certain health issue that the former did not have. It is thus of utmost importance, to identify which foods have what health affect on the body.

Enlisted below is a list of 3 foods each, in every distinguished category which are good for that particular health condition. These are the ingredients of a healthy life:

Foods Which Can...

1.  Lower Risk of Heart Ailments

Salmon nuts and Oatmeal

Salmon: This fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, is the best healthy-heart dish to you should consider making a part of your daily diet meal plans.

Nuts: Studies show that a moderate consumption of nuts each day make you eat less unhealthy calories and thus make you leaner. Leaner people are comparatively at a lower risk of heart diseases.

Oatmeal: Rich in soluble fiber content, helps reduce the bad cholesterol levels, which indirectly keeps heart ailments at bay.

2. Keep Blood Pressure Under Control:

sweet potatoes with yogurt and banana

Plain Yogurt: Probiotics in fresh yogurt not just help the gut, but poositively help in maintaining right blood pressure.

Bananas: Potassium rich bananas are recommended by doctors to high blood pressure patients as a food to reduce blood pressure.

Sweet potato: Eat these in any form to meet around 15% of the daily potassium demands of the body in order to keep blood pressure from shooting up.

3.  Help Relieve Pain:


Cherries: Cherries are known to help in muscle repair. Have a bowl of cherries or cherry juice regularly to keep away from muscular pains.

Garlic: The spice is known for its painkilling properties. Applying ginger paste or its juice over skin rashes can help in early healing. Massage of heated olive oil and ginger mixture soothes aching joints too.

Cloves: The best home remedy to help fight toothache is, dabbing a little clove oil on a cotton ball and placing on the affected tooth.

4.  Reduce the Risk of Arthritis:


Vitamin C rich food: Fruits and veggies that contain ample amounts of Vitamin C are  the best component of a Arthritis patient to soothe their pains.

Fish: Omega 3 rich fish like Tuna, trout, salmon are effective foods in soothing anti-inflammatory pains.

Olive Oil: For the sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritis, consumption of olive oil is recommended as it produces an anti-inflammatory substance known as prostacyclin.

5.  Control Adverse effects of Diabetes

brown rice

Cloves and Cinnamon: The antioxidants found in these spices are known to prevent inflammation which is associated with diabetes, and thus the usage is recommended diabetic patients.

Brown Rice: Consumption of brown rice helps in reducing damage of nerve and blood vessels, a common phenomenon resulting from diabetes. Brown rice also makes it into almost most diabetes diet recipes for weight loss.

Vitamin C rich fruits: Fruits like stawberries and oranges are great sources of vitamin C, which has been linked to lowering the chances of diabetes. The medical reason behind this is however not clear yet.

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