Diet & Personality – Your Blood Type Tells it All

Health is like MONEY, we never have a true idea of its value until we LOOSE IT- Josh Billing

Are you having a feeling that after eating healthy food, regular exercise and choosing stairs instead of lift, You are still plagued by midday lethargy, indigestion and unable to loose weight? Then you might want to take something unorthodox into consideration- Your Blood Type. Whether you are A,B,AB or O, every blood group reveals eye-opening things about personality and the body’s need.

If you follow a diet according to your blood type, then your body will digest food more effectively, you will start loosing weight, feel more energetic and will be able to fight against any disease. Below are some points which may help you to decide what you can eat according to your blood type.


Type ‘O’ Blood


You are a leader, have loads of energy, extrovert and focused. People with ‘O’ blood type  are responsible, decisive, organized and practical. Watch out before cheating on your diet, stop exercising, slipping into boredom because all these activities will make you angry and hyperactive.


Type ‘O’ blood diet profile is High protein: Meat eaters. You should add meat, fish, vegetables and fruits into your diet and limit grains, beans and legumes. You should avoid wheat, corn, kidney beans, cabbage, cauliflower and mustard greens for weight loss purpose.

Include sea food, salt, red meat, spinach and broccoli as its a perfect ‘O’ blood group diet for weight loss. It will help you to reduce weight and if you follow these instructions and include all the above mentioned food in your diet, then you will surely going to see a positive change in your health.

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Type ‘A’ Blood


You are known for your cool and calm behavior, even in panicking situation. People with ‘A’ blood type are hard working, responsible, detailed oriented and extremely organized. But on the other hand you are also stressed and conscientious, always craving for success and perfection.


Type ‘A’ blood diet profile is vegetarian. You should add vegetables, tofu, seafood, grains, beans and fruits in your diet. If you wish to reduce weight then avoid eating meat, dairy products, kidney beans, wheat and start adding vegetable oil, soy food, vegetables and pineapple in your diet to reduce weight.


Type ‘B’ Blood


You always stick to your goals, even if its against the odds. You always follow your own rules, therefore, you are not so cooperative and as you pay attention to your thoughts more than your feelings, so most of the time you come off cold and insensitive.


Type ‘B’ blood diet profile is balanced omnivore. You should add red meat, dairy products, grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits in your diet. If you wish to reduce weight then avoid corn, lentil, peanuts, sesame, buckwheat, seeds in your diet and add greens, eggs, venison, liver, tea in your diet to reduce weight.

Blood Types Chart

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Type ‘AB’ Blood


You are passionate in your convictions, but you also want to be liked by everyone and this may create a conflict. You help or favor people only its on your own conditions. Your special interest is in art and metaphysics.


Type ‘AB’ blood diet is a mixed diet in moderation. You should add meat, tofu, seafood, dairy, beans, vegetables and fruits in your diet. You should avoid red meat , kidney beans, seeds, corn, buckwheat for weight loss purpose. Include tofu, seafood, dairy, greens, pineapple for weight reduce purpose. It will help you to reduce weight easily and will improve your health.

Try to add food intake, according to your blood type. It will surely going to help you out with weight loss and will increase your energy as well as improve your digestion. Always remember The Greatest Wealth is Health. Stay healthy and Energetic.

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