Pre pregnancy diet

Your decision to have a baby is in itself a wonderful one! Congratulations on your choice to start or extend your family and trying to conceive! A nutritious diet is most critical at this time – not just to ensure that you have a healthy baby, but also to make sure that making a baby does not deplete you r body of essential nutrients. Eating healthy should begin long before you conceive. Eating nutritionally correct meals before conception will help ensure that your baby has the most favorable environment to grow in, and reduces the odds of deficiencies that might result in birth defects. If you are in a pre conception stage, you should assess your diet immediately and check if you have enough nutrient stores to carry the baby for a full nine months. Reasons why you should worry about your pre natal diet:

  • Recent long term illness
  • Anemia
  • Folic acid deficiency
  • Eating disorders
  • Recent pregnancy
  • Lack of well balanced diet
  • Inadequate calcium intake

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