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Idietitian Diet Plans

1 Month

Rs. 2,500
Monthly Rs. 2,500

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2 Month

Rs. 4,500
Monthly Rs. 2,250

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Save Rs. 500

3 Month

Rs. 6,000
Monthly Rs. 2,000

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6 Month

Rs. 10,000
Monthly Rs. 1,666

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Save Rs. 5,000

Health Articles

Read our health articles that give you action oriented and evidence based health information.

8 Best Foods For Glowing Skin

Beauty is skin deep, but a healthy skin sure does help you show it to the world. But the secret to a healthy glowing skin still rests inside.What we put into our body is much more significant than we what we put over it. So if you aim to have radiant skin which is free … Continue reading 8 Best Foods For Glowing Skin

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Secrets to Sports Nutrition Diet Plan

A nutrient rich diet is important for all, but for people involved in vigorous physical activity it is a dire need. For sports-persons and athletes, not consuming a healthy diet would be to jeopardize their career and livelihood. Stamina, endurance and agility cannot be be attained without hard physical training, and training requires sweating it … Continue reading Secrets to Sports Nutrition Diet Plan

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Powerful Fruits To Burn Belly Fat Instantly

People often look for various weight loss techniques on the internet. Less they know, that there is so much stuff out there that does not even give the required results. Nothing is best than going for a natural way to loose weight, rather than popping pills and following vigorous diets that are not always effective.Desire … Continue reading Powerful Fruits To Burn Belly Fat Instantly

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Diet Recipes

Idietitian.in offers you various diet plans that include different food items. The most critical thing is how to prepare the food included in your diet. For your convenience we help you to prepare your diet food. This page shows you the recipes of all cuisines individually that are listed in the diet plan including breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, beverages, deserts, miscellaneous etc.

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Client Testimonials

“Words cannot describe how good Idietitians are, I have lost 5 kgs in just two weeks, I have struggled with my weigh for years and now I am loosing almost daily . Better still all my friends are starting to notice too. I still have 10 more kgs to lose but now I will do it on this fabulous diet plan which is prepared for my body type by experts a
Jyoti , Age: 25

“Now starting my 5th week and have lost 10 kg so far and am more than half way to my target weight. Have also been exercising regularily aswell though. Have found the plan really easy to follow and recipes are easy to prepare at home.”
Nitika, Age: 31

“I have been on diet plan prepared by Idietitians.in for 16 days, and have so far lost about 7 Kg !!! I haven’t felt hungry at any times, and can see big changes in my body already….one very happy customer!!! :0) … Thanks a ton”
Meenakshi Age: 27

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