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Welcome To is a website that takes care of your dietary need and helps you follow a Healthy And Happy Life.Idietitian is here to help you understand the real meaning of eating. Losing weight is not reducing your meals, rather eating as much healthy food as possible. We will guide you to follow fitness through proper nutrition and exercise. In our website you can find Diet Chart, Yoga, Exercises, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Home Remedies and Diet Recipes.

We are your online dietitian who Focuses on your daily routine in order to craft your diet plan as per requirement. Every individual is unique and respecting that aspect we modify your eating pattern in a way which will benefit you in the long run by providing you a healthy and STRESSFREE LIFE. Above everything, Idietitian strongly recommends every individual to respect their natural selves and through our expert guidance cultivate the best in you to look good, feel good and do good.

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      • I lost 33 Kg in 1 year with Idietitian India, I was one of their first clients. They offered me a good deal for 6 months plan and after 6 months I renewed. Its been an awesome journey so far. Now I am under maintenance plan which is as good as their weight loss plans.


      • Thanks for all Idietitian India. I will recommend you 100% for weight loss and health programs dedicated to Indian Community.

        —Sanjeev Gupta ( Texas)

      • With Idietitian India I lost 10 Kg in 2 months. Now I am a Yummy Mummy !! Cheers

        —Anu Sharma (Canada)

      • After my sons birth happiness came with 40 Kg of weight gain. I was shattered to see this drastic weight gain. No clothes could fit me also I was so depressed. I became unfit and inactive that keeping up with my son became so tough. I would be angry all time and in tears. My

        —Tisha Chopra (Dubai)

      • I was diagnosed with high uric acid problem. I researched online for some good diet plan. My friend recommended me Idietitian India. I called them and started with my diet plan as soon. Best thing was they listened to me patiently and prepared a diet plan according to the food my wife prepares and keeping

        —Ranjan Sharma ( Australia)

      • Words will be short to thank you guys. Lost about 18 kgs in 3 months.

        —Harish Mahpatra

      • It’s now been 10 months since I have joined Idietitian India and I have lost a total of 55 kilos and I feel so good about it. I am finally able to run around and go swimming with my children. I feel so happy and active that I’m playing sports that I haven’t played since

        —Nimrat Saini

      • I would thank Idietitian India for all its support and diet plans. I lost 20 Kgs in 6 months and there is no looking back now.

        —Ishita Pathak

      • After my pregnancy, I gained 25 Kgs of weight. So I researched online for diet plan to loose weight. Suddenly I saw a website and I clicked to check what they were offering. I called at the number provided and told about my situation, they recommended me 3 months diet plan. First I was

        —Shagufa Goel

      • Got my latest blood test reports today…cholesterol level was 32 points low. All other tests were also in excellent shape. Also I have cut down my blood pressure medicine to half the dosage and Idietitian are now working with me on the goal of getting me off them completely in bye 2012 end. I am

        —Anish , Age : 36

      • I lost over 12 Kg and 5 inches in 3 months. I have tried many times to lose weight…..I tried heavy exercise, lots of dieting, and a combination of the two as well but never got the desired results. With Idietitian India’s weight loss program I am consistently losing weight without leaving my favorite foods.

        —YogitaKashyap , Age : 36

      • I heard about weight loss program from friend who lost around 10 Kg in 2 months. Before Joining Idietitian India I had tried so many times to lose weight and drop fat, but after constant failure I gave up. Then I joined , after studying my lifestyle and daily routine, Dietitian at Idietitian

        —Rajesh Kalra

      • I just want to thank you for these last 10 weeks. Since I am with Idietitian, I am now focused on eating healthy…. not dieting!!!!  What a big change for me….. Someone who has been dieting since the age of 15!!!  I am so happy with the minor modifications I am making and am really

        —PoonamJalwan , Age : 27

      • This program is wonderful.  It offers personal support at your fingertips and it changes your habits instead of depriving you of food.

        —Akshay , Age : 27

      • Idietitian’s are amazing!  They transformed my life and my view point towards food and dieting.  I have always fought with food and weight for 40 years.  Food became my biggest enemy.  I had tried more diets than I can recall and had been to slimming centers for 20 times may be.  One of the major

        —Monika Kapoor , Age : 58

      • I am very pleased with the Idietitian’s diet program. My dietitian Savvy was extremely helpful and motivating. I learnt a completely new way of healthy eating for me and my family. I am looking forward to coming month program by Idietitian’s, so I can reach my weight goals. Thank you for all your support and

        —AshnaSandhu , Age : 21

      • I had at all times been yo-yo dieter for more than 15 years now and had just about given up hope of losing the excess weight until I came across Idietitian India in May, 2012. I started with the 3 day Intro Package and was so impressed with the detailed and helpful analysis that I

        —Anisha Chopra, Age : 33

      • I realized that I required being ready to make a lifestyle make over. I am doing that now and it is so cool. I feel so better and energetic!!! I am aware of my health and my body for the first time ever, and finally doing it the correct way!

        —Sussane , Age : 28

      • I have been getting help from Idietitian India’s Nutritionist for a little over a month now and I can tell you I have by now seen a huge change in my eating habits. Before I decided to seek help for my eating problems, I assumed there was no way that I was ever going to

        —Rashmi Sood , Age : 33

      • I was getting so stressed out and was dragging myself out of bed in the morning with zero energy levels. When I considered that it could be my diet that needed to change I found Idietitian India through a friend. I can honestly say that life has now completely changed. Not only are my energy

        —Deepti Saxena , Age : 32

      • As a flight attendant and part-time student, I never had time to have proper meals and bloating and water retention were an endless displeasure. Idietitian India – you made it possible, despite my super busy schedule to fit in healthy and balanced meals. Idietitian India’s nutritionist came up with such practical and easy to follow

        —Navdeep Kaur, Age : 24

      • Dear Team I had nearly given up finding a cure for a painful and unsightly rashes on my face, after numerous doctors continually prescribed many creams which cleared the rash while I was using them, but as soon as I stopped, it would come back. From my first interaction with team I felt

        —Jess Age: 26

      • “I have been on diet plan prepared by for 16 days, and have so far lost about 7 Kg !!! I haven’t felt hungry at any times, and can see big changes in my body already….one very happy customer!!! :0) … Thanks a ton”

        —Meenakshi Age: 27

      • “Now starting my 5th week and have lost 10 kg so far and am more than half way to my target weight. Have also been exercising regularily aswell though. Have found the plan really easy to follow and recipes are easy to prepare at home.”

        —Nitika, Age: 31

      • “Words cannot describe how good Idietitians are, I have lost 5 kgs in just two weeks, I have struggled with my weigh for years and now I am loosing almost daily Better still all my friends are starting to notice too. I still have 10 more kgs to lose but now I will do it

        —Jyoti , Age: 25

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