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Idietitian.in is a website that encourages and supports Indian community to take a step forward towards Good Health and a flourishing Life. We assist you to lead a healthy life by adapting a suitable diet plan. We provide all kinds of information related to health, fitness, diets and nutrition depending upon various body types. People can find appropriate Diet plans, Yoga, Exercises, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Home Remedies, Diet Tips and Diet Recipes according to their needs.

Being your online dietitian, we will LISTEN to your needs, plan or alter your meals, Modify your eating patterns, and UNDERSTAND your activities. We help and motivate you for your weight related disappointments and turn those daunting experiences into a life-changing achievements. In short, we make your life easier and allow food to be your best friend. Eat right, Lose weight, and feel Great is our main motto.

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  • Deepti Saxena , Age : 32

    I was getting so stressed out and was dragging myself out of bed in the morning with zero energy levels. When I considered that it could be my diet that needed to change I found Idietitian India through a friend. I can honestly say that life has now completely changed.
  • AshnaSandhu , Age : 21

    I am very pleased with the Idietitian’s diet program. My dietitian Savvy was extremely helpful and motivating. I learnt a completely new way of healthy eating for me and my family. I am looking forward to coming month program by Idietitian’s, so I can reach my weight goals. Thank you for all your support.
  • Anu Sharma (Canada)

    With Idietitian India I lost 10 Kg in 2 months. Now I am a Yummy Mummy !! Cheers
  • Annapurna

    I lost 33 Kg in 1 year with Idietitian India, I was one of their first clients. They offered me a good deal for 6 months plan and after 6 months I renewed. Its been an awesome journey so far. Now I am under maintenance plan which is as good as their weight loss plans.
  • Anisha Chopra, Age : 33

    I had at all times been yo-yo dieter for more than 15 years now and had just about given up hope of losing the excess weight until I came across Idietitian India in May, 2012. I started with the 3 day Intro Package and was so impressed with the detailed and helpful analysis...
  • Anish , Age : 36

    Got my latest blood test reports today…cholesterol level was 32 points low. All other tests were also in excellent shape. Also I have cut down my blood pressure medicine to half the dosage and Idietitian are now working with me on the goal of getting me off them completely in bye 2012 end.
  • Akshay , Age : 27

    This program is wonderful.  It offers personal support at your fingertips and it changes your habits instead of depriving you of food.