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South Indian Diet Plan

South Indian Diet

Idlis, Dosas, Vadas, Sambar and Rasam make up one of the most popular cuisines of India. The South India food is loved most Indians, irrespective of which corner of the country they belong to. The aroma of Sambar and Dosa combined with the tangy taste of different chutneys makes every foodie go weak in the knees. The ones on a weight loss diet may find indulging in a south Indian platter full of the scrumptious idlis and tempting vada, a story full of fats. The truth is that South Indian food can be enjoyed by people on a diet spree at well.

Weight-loss is one of the prime concerns of most Indians today. The process to lose weight is often associated with vigorous exercises and boring food. It does not always have to be this way. You can lose weight and enjoy your favorite foods, both at the same time. For the ones who want to enjoy South Indian food as well as lose weight, here is some useful information.

South Indian Diet Plans for Weight Loss are quite a rage these days. They are being taken up by people who love South Indian food. The benefits of this special diet can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to lose weight. People with various health problems have turned to South Indian foods for help. South Indian Diet Charts for PCOD, Diabetes and Healthy Heart are popular amongst people these days.

Benefits of a South Indian Weight Loss Plan:

The basic benefit of following a South Indian Diet Plan for Weight loss is that it can act as a detox diet. South Indian food can be cooked with less oil and still the taste can remain intact. South Indian foods consist of fluids such as buttermilk and juices which are often loaded with Vitamin A, D, E and K. With a South Indian diet good health and optimum weight can be maintained

South Indian Diet Foods:

A list of all the good South Indian diet foods is given below:

  • Buttermilk
  • Carrot or Spinach Juice
  • Saambar (Cooked with less oil)
  • Fruits like Gooseberry and papaya
  • Iddlis are good for growing children
  • Rasam and Curd is a very good option for dinner
  • Dosas, Vadas and Iddlis made with Ragi or Urad Dal

Idietitian’s South Indian Diet Plan:

At iDietitian, we aim to satisfy you with the best weight loss results. Our South Indian diet plan is one of the most picked up diet plan. If you want to lose weight with a South Indian diet, we are here to help you right away. The South Indian diet plan that we provide is crafted after accessing your calorie requirements. You can simply buy this special weight loss diet plan from our website

If you are used to eating South Indian food or cannot get certain ingredients but you still want to lose weight, the Idietitian Diet Plan is right for you. Comprising of the foods you are used to eating or strict food habits you may be following, we can provide you with a plan which helps you shed kilos with the help of tasty South Indian weight loss diet recipes. We give you foods and their substitutes making weight loss easy and achievable!

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